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Hebei Gucheng Incense Group Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise founded in 1982 with “Gucheng” trademark. With 29 years’ honest incense business, it has built a united, pragmatic and innovative technical, marketing and management team and achieved a sustainable development. Nowadays, the group has its own subsidiaries specializing in the production, packaging, printing and processing of plant perfume powder, natural spices and perfume compound and thus ensures low-cost procurement and raw material supply. Additionally, it sets up national modern marketing network security system as a professional incense manufacturer.
We inherit traditional Chinese incense culture, specialize in the R&D, production and sales of traditional religious and sacrifice incense products such as sandalwood, eaglewood, rose incense, jasmine incense, Tibetan incense, perfume incense, air refreshing incense and bodhi incense and Buddha incense by using national plant spices and perfume compound as raw materials. Our products are divided into coils, aroma incense license sticks and handcraft incense and there are over 1000 varieties, which are widely used to improve environment, purify air, promote health and relive mental fatigue and also used in religion and sacrifice and other national custom activities.
Through 29 years’ development, it has set up a modern marketing network, had a good number of agents, outlets and offices across China and run counters at multinational supermarket Wal-mart, Carrefour, lotus and other large terminal chain stores and developed its own sales and service system. “Gucheng Incense” is demand in China and builds up reputation at home and abroad. Thus, it is reputed to be the first brand products in the incense industry. In 2004, Gucheng was recognized as China Well-known Trademark. Up to date, Hebei Gucheng Incense Group Co., Ltd. has developed into a leading incense manufacturer boasting the largest scale, a gull range of products, best quality and unrivaled reputation. Since 1988, our products have been exported to Southeast Asia, Asia, Japan, Europe and the United States. Nowadays, it takes the lead in business scale.
During our 29 years’ development, our group always sticks to the business philosophy of ensuring quality and safeguarding integrity and views product quality as lifeline. In 1988, it set up a quality inspection institution and a product quality assurance system. In 2003, it passed ISO 9001 Quality System Certification and British Royal UKAS Certification and was recognized as “Consumer Trustworthy Products”, “Hebei Export Brand”, “Hebei Advanced Enterprise for High Quality and Efficiency”, “Hebei Profitable Light Industry Enterprise”, “Advanced Light Industry Enterprises for Excellence Performance”, Hebei Leading SME for Advanced Technology and Innovative Products”, “Hebei Top 50 Light Industry Enterprises”, “Hebei Intellectual Property Right Advantage Cultivating Unit”, “Hebei Famous Trademark Enterprise” and “Gucheng Brand-name Products at the Fourth Hebei Brand Festival ” and “2002 China Hebei City Cards”. Since 1996, it has been recognized as AAA-level Credit Enterprise by banks for consecutive years. Since 2002, it has been recognized as “National Credible Enterprises for Honoring Contracts” for consecutive years. Meanwhile, it was awarded the honorary title of “Group Member of China Sundry Articles Industry Association” and “Deputy Director Unit of China Sundry Articles Industry Association Incense Manufacture Branch” by China Sundry Articles Industry Association; it was presented China Charity Outstanding Charity Units (Enterprises) Award by China Charity Foundation; it was conferred the honorary title of “2009 China Advanced Light Industry Enterprise for Outstanding Performance” by China National Light Industry Council; it was designated as “National Minority Supplies Manufacturer Enjoying Preferential Policies” by the State Council and State Ethnic Affairs Commission during “the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Five-year Period”.
Our group always views scientific and technical development as the backbone of business development, boasts technical strength and has a self-motivated and innovative technical team. Since 1988, it has set up its own R&D institution “Disinfection and Insecticide Technology Institute” and engaged a good number of senior engineers, researchers, engineers who obtained intermediate professional title and technicians. In 1988, it established and optimized product quality standards and pioneered in air refreshing incense serials products. Since 1988, it has developed nearly a thousand varieties of new products and a good number of products have been recognized as scientific research achievements at national, provincial and municipal levels and won national new product awards. Among them, our handcraft incense, smokeless incense and wild hibiscus incense have obtained national patents. With the improvement of people’s livelihood, nationalities expected the R&D of non-pesticide pollution anti-mosquito incense. To that end, our group developed new non-pesticide anti-mosquito green products which passed provincial research achievement appraisal in 2007and applied for national patents in 2000 and 2007. Additionally, it won the honorary title of “Hebei Top Ten Private Technology Enterprises”, passed High-tech Enterprise Certification and was recognized as Hebei Top 50 Light Industry Enterprises. Over the past 29 years, it has continued to developed new products to take the lead in the industry in China.
Our group always perseveres in innovative business and boosts competitiveness. Since 1982, it has carried out technological transformation, improved manual production process and promoted production efficiency. In 2005, it proposed the target of starting a new undertaking- carrying out traditional enterprise restructuring, that is optimizing sales resources, expanding sales network and increasing market shares by virtue of marketing reform; innovating management modes, optimizing management resources, cutting production and management cost and increasing management efficiency by virtue of production reform; increasing mechanization level and improving production efficiency by virtue of technical reform and cutting production cost by virtue of innovating production technology. It is worth mentioning that our group has won the honorary titles such as “Hebei Top 100 Private Enterprises” and “Hebei Outstanding Private Enterprise”.
Since 2003, our group has obeyed the Company Law to standardize business operation, established and revised various rules and regulations, optimized the management system and pooled management resources by virtue of listing training, keeping the momentum going and achieving a sustainable development.
In the Eleventh Five-year Period, Hebei Gucheng Incense Group Co., Ltd. will pioneer in business operation and disseminate Chinese incense culture; set up a entrepreneurial platform for seeking mutual development, pool human resources and build a hardworking and enterprising management team; implement the marketing strategy of giving priority to customers and achieving win-win and create an Chinese brand image; employ the strategy of building up business, take advantage of our marketing network and brand advantages, pool industrial resources and bring glory to Chinese incense industry; cooperate with insiders to achieve mutual development, develop international market and build a world well-known brand.

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